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Re: Greylisting for @debian.org email, please

On Sunday 19 June 2005 18:39, Simon Richter wrote:
> Hrm, that would indeed be a reason to accept mail from some IPs inside
> such "dynamic" blocks. Your IP does not seem to be listed as being
> dynamic, though. :-)

Try mine:
And yes, it is static and not "dynamic but unlikely to change rarely".

> OTOH, I think greylisting can help here, by applying it to hosts that
> are listed as being dynamic. If the technology your ISP uses to connect
> you to the internet is so strikingly similar to the technology used by
> people who don't even care whether they have a fixed IP, I would assume
> your bandwidth would not allow you to send amounts of mail that
> greylisting would adversely affect you. :-)

I started using my own mailserver because the one from my provider was 
down a lot for a while or not delivering within something like 8 hours 
(they seem to be better ATM).
Using my own server I would at least _know_ what was happening to my 

If I am blocked by something like SORBS when answering installation 
reports or something like that, I will sometimes resend a mail through my 
ISP, sometimes I just say "@$@$@ you, if you don't want to receive my 
mail, then don't".

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