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Re: Upcoming removal of orphaned packages

On Thu, 16 Jun 2005, Sven Mueller wrote:

"[2001/03/03 10:05] Markus Schoder has contributed finddupes.cpp, GPL'ed source code for a C++ based version
It's only compilable in its current state with g++-2.95 (regarding
compilers in Debian stable). There is a single error when compiling with
g++-3.4 which I am unable to fix (as I don't know the STL at all).
Thanks for investigating this.  It would be great if somebody could fix
this issue which is probably not much effort for a C++ programmer.  If
it would compile nicely I would take the package (or would leave it for
somebody who cares for it inside Debian).

Apart from that, it works quite fine.
Good news.

 Thanks, the time is on your side as I also would like to have a command
line based tool.
Yes, pleeeeaaasse.
So if we have so many people who want it, we will find a maintainer for
the package.  If it is necessary to keep it inside Debian I would just
volunteer to take it over like it is - but the final goal would be to
replace the perl script with the C++ version.  Any clue?

Kind regards



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