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Re: Upcoming removal of orphaned packages

On Thu, 16 Jun 2005, Laszlo Boszormenyi wrote:

"[2002/02/06 23:55] PixiePlus[2] now supports similar image finding
using an algorithm based on mine, and for those unable to run a current
version of KDE, gqview[3] will also find your similar images, albeit
using a different algorithm whose results I haven't compared with my
own. Both are FAR faster than findimagedupes
Perhaps this might be true for the initial Perl implementation, but:

"[2001/03/03 10:05] Markus Schoder has contributed finddupes.cpp, GPL'ed source code for a C++ based version of my horribly slow compare routine. In his testing on a directory of 35,000 images, it was about 300 times faster than findimagedupes' perl implementation."

and, I would say, both make it obsolete.
If both would have a command line interface.  I do not know both but
the page you quoted mentioned that findimagedupes is the only command line

If someone else would like to continue its development for
web or other non-GUI purposes (this means you, Debian maintainers ;) ),
by all means feel free, but consider my itch scratched."
Thus I may think it is enough (no more upstream activity, abadonned more
than three years ago, has other and problably better alternatives) to
remove this package, but let others do the choice.
I would really love a command line alternative.  If you tell me any
I will be quiet immediately.  But I would love to have a test first.
Please give me two weeks.

Kind regards



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