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Re: libselinux1 - required

Le jeudi 09 juin 2005 à 17:43 +1200, Nigel Jones a écrit :
> >         Did you know that all Debian kernels now have SELinux compiled in?
> Yeah, thankfully, I build my own kernels...

It seems that for many people, building your own kernel is still
considered as a proof of virility. Great.

> >         Well, you can keep your box security free for as long as you want.
> Yeah, as my computer is personal, I don't normally let anyone else use
> it, these tools don't provide anything for me.

This answers is a proof that you don't have any clue as to how security

> Personally, I agree with Thijs, if coreutils does not need
> "libselinux1" to run (and other packages for that matter), they should
> just be "recommends" or "suggests".

So that you could save 196 kilobytes, we'd have to clutter the whole
archive with packages compiled with or without SELinux support ? No,
thanks. That's not how things work in Debian. If you really want to save
these 196 kilobytes (YES! 196 kilobytes! that's horrible!), you should
use Gentoo.
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