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Re: Is Ubuntu a debian derivative or is it a fork?

Matt Zimmerman wrote:
> If all of the patches were to be filed in the BTS, automation would be the
> only feasible way to do it.

Let's assume that starting tomorrow, every patch that is applied to
Ubuntu, that is not Ubuntu-specific, and not something too trivial to
worry about (such as the python or c++ transitions), is accompnied by a
handwritten email to the Debian BTS containing the patch and an
explanation. Writing such an email would surely only take a few minutes;
how many new such patches do you really create each day? How could this
not be feasable? Wouldn't this tend to highlight cases where Ubuntu is
making many useful changes to Debian and tend to get the Ubuntu people
direct commit access to those packages?

Personal communication is how development works in the entire rest of
the free software world, I really don't see why Ubuntu is different.

see shy jo

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