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SCC (was Re: Canonical and Debian)

Wouter Verhelst wrote:
> And you can still mirror only part of the archive if you want to save
> bandwidth, even today. Indeed, and some of our mirrors are already
> doing so. It would, thus, be interesting if we could formalize that
> somehow, which is what the first bit of the proposal is all about.

This has already began to happen, check out Mirrors.masterlist (and its
shiny new amd64 entries) and see the columns for supported architectures
on the web page that lists mirrors.

Copied from my blog:
| The other suprising thing is that SCC seems to already be more a reality than
| was thought, since it seems Debian's main Bulgarian and Slovenian mirrors, as
| well as all of our Belarussian, Colombian, Israili, Indian, Moroccan and
| Ukrainian mirrors, already carry only a subset of architectures. Indeed, 30%
| of all our mirrors don't include all release architectures.

see shy jo

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