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Re: New Nokia device is Debian-based?

I wrote:
> You don't need any money and you don't need to sue Microsoft.  If you have
> proof of prior art for a software patent please contact one of the many
> organizations fighting such patents, such as the Free Software Foundation
> <http://www.gnu.org>.

Michelle Konzack writes:
> Hmmm, should I conntact them to make troble with M$ and friends ?

Please do.

I wrote:
> BTW I assume that by "under a PD" you mean released into the public domain?
> It is not possible for a work to be both "public domain" and "educational
> use only".

Michelle Konzack writes:
> In the USA but in Germany...

I doubt that the definition of public domain is significantly different in

> I have found source code of SCO in Linux and Linux code in SCO, BUT it is
> OpenSCO and this part was GPLed. I have the OpenSCO CD's at home, and I
> know what I am talking about.

It is quite legal for SCO to distribute GPL software as long as they comply
with the license.

> But SCO tell us, there is stolen Source-Code!

When the court ordered SCO to produce that code they admitted there was

> The Judges in the USA have never seen the SCO-Source in original and now?

The judges have access to everything.

BTW the company that now calls itself SCO is not the original SCO.  It used
to be called Caldera and was a Linux company.  It bought SCO's Unix
business (and the name SCO) from SCO.  At about the time that it sued IBM
it changed its name to "The SCO Group" and now calls itself SCO.
John Hasler

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