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Re: New Nokia device is Debian-based?

Am 2005-06-06 12:10:02, schrieb Xavier Roche:

> 922 patents (including software patents, still 'illegal' in Europe)
> were issued by Nokia, by the way:
> <http://swpat.ffii.org/players/nokia/index.en.html>
> But IBM issued much more (at least 2620, according to ffii) software
> patents.

For some month I have checked the list of patents
and DON NOT BELIVE ALL what the ffii tells you !!!

Many of those Patents a not related to OSS.

And some others can not enforced.

> Both IBM and Nokia said they won't sue open source developpers. For
> the moment, at least. This is the real threat, IMHO: big companies
> using open source for a while, and then.. killing it when they don't
> need it anymore.

You see realy black ?

> I'm really pessimistic. Both council and commission are pro-swpat,
> and are actively lobbying to pass the directive. The parliament will
> have to find a global majority, or the directive will be approved.
> A global majority, just before summer vacation. Good luck ..



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