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Re: New Nokia device is Debian-based?

Am 2005-06-06 10:11:22, schrieb John Hasler:

> You don't need any money and you don't need to sue Microsoft.  If you have
> proof of prior art for a software patent please contact one of the many
> organizations fighting such patents, such as the Free Software Foundation
> <http://www.gnu.org>.  Several US software patents have been overturned
> recently when prior art was discovered by software patent opponents.

Hmmm, should I conntact them to make troble with M$ and friends ?

> BTW I assume that by "under a PD" you mean released into the public domain?
> It is not possible for a work to be both "public domain" and "educational
> use only".

In the USA but in Germany...

> Do you mean that Microsoft has patented an invention that was published in
> the referenced work, or that they are infringing the copyright?

The copyright, because for commercial use, interested
people/enterrises had should contact me for a licence.

And I think, M$ and Friends have stolen much more sources as
publicated and nobody can enforce her/his right, because it
is Closed Source Software where you do not know anything about
it.  :-(

See SCO!

I have found source code of SCO in Linux and Linux code in
SCO, BUT it is OpenSCO and this part was GPLed. I have the
OpenSCO CD's at home, and I know what I am talking about.

But SCO tell us, there is stolen Source-Code!  The Judges in
the USA have never seen the SCO-Source in original and now ?

I am using ONLY "main" from Debian and all new software of
me is GPL.  Never I will go back to prprietary software.

I am using Debian GNU/Linux sind 03/1999 and I will use it
for the rest of my life.

Thanks to all Developpers and Contributors (I am helping
discretly some Upstreams, DD and DM and I will continue)
for developing this GREAT and FREE Operating System.


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