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Re: New Nokia device is Debian-based?

Am 2005-06-06 15:02:31, schrieb Xavier Roche:
> On Mon, Jun 06, 2005 at 02:19:20PM +0200, Michelle Konzack wrote:
> > Many of those Patents a not related to OSS.
> Yes, true. But many other "non software" patents are actually
> disguised software patents (such as implementing a trivial algorithm
> on a chip - hey, these ARE software patents)

I know, but...

> > And some others can not enforced.
> Huh ? Remember the one-click patent, the plugin (Eolas) patent ? If
> you aren't backed up by expensive erperts, you're dead. IT is
> complicated. Software is damn complicated.

I know, and I have no money to sue Microsoft which has stolen
a Software which was 1986 under PD for educational use only...

> No, no. I'm just realistic. If a company has the opportunity to kill
> competitors, using legal ways, there are no reasons not to use them.
> What is illogical is to create new ways of killing competition,
> through software patents.



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