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Re: Canonical and Debian

* Steve Langasek (vorlon@debian.org) wrote:
> Clone yourself and make yourself a slave to the buildds for 7 or 8
> architectures, so that the release team doesn't have to.  Neither the

Whoah, whoah, whoah, is this actually an option?  Last I checked that
answer was 'no'.  Hell, that's most of the *problem* here.  The limited
set of people running the buildds don't want to spend more time but
being allowed to be a buildd maintainer seems to be limited to a rather
small set of folks.  There seems to be a few different reasons for this,
but one of the big ones is wanna-build access, I believe.  This is
because of limitations of the current wanna-build framework, which may
have now been resolved?

Having the porters run the buildds sounds like a great idea to me, and
if you can't get anyone to run/maintain a buildd for an architecture,
then too bad for that architecture; but don't come out and say we need
more people maintaining buildds but then also say we can't have any more
buildds due to architecture limitations and say that the current buildds
have maintainers or that we can't let anyone else maintain them because
of security concerns or whatever.



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