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Re: lintian & linda (was: Automatic testing of Debian packages)

On Tue, 12 Apr 2005, Alexander Schmehl wrote:

It doesn't for me after I heard, that foo was orhpaned.  None
volunteered to adopt it, but someone volunteered to write something,
that does work in his prefered language.  Sometimes it is easier to
restart from scratch than to try to adopt an foreign thing.
If we talk about foo you are right.
But we talked about lintian which is a tool I expect to be needed by
a lot of skilled perl programmers.  Anybody of them will care about lintian
before I finish my rewriting job.

So we have linda and lintian.  So what?
So nothing.  I was just wondering why people spend there time with things
I would not really call effectice.  Others play doom or whatever.  I prefer
people spending their time with redoing things which are just done.  So thanks
to the linda programmers to not just play shot-em-up games or eating
oysters with skiing gloves or whatever.

But the question was about the sense and I told here I fail to see the sense
(ins this special case) as I fail to see the sense of shot-em-up games (in
any case).

Kind regards



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