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Re: lintian & linda (was: Automatic testing of Debian packages)

On Mon, 11 Apr 2005, Martin Schulze wrote:

Why are there Vi and Emacs?
Different taste of the users - valid reason.

Why are there Perl and Python?
Different taste of programmers - valid reason.

Why are there viewcvs and cvsweb?
Why are there cvs-syncmail and cvs-mailcommit?
Why are there tkirc and xchat?
Why are there whois and gwhois?
Don't know enought about these.

Why are there dupload and dput?
Very good question! The only example which falls in the lintian / linda
category.  Oh no - it is even more stupid ...

Why are there KDE and GNOME?
Different taste of users - valid reason.

Why are there icewm and windowmaker?
Why are there mailman, smartlist and ecartis?
Don't know enought about these.

Guess some people have preferences for either languages or other.
The reason: "I just rewrite an application because the language it is
written in." sounds a very stupid reason to me.  Something else has
to be broken with this application to make a real reason.  (If not
I now go and start programming a random application written in TCL/TK -
feel free to insert any other language and spare the flameware.)

Additionally, competing projects often improve the development of
both projects.
Sure, were competition makes sense from a usage point of view.  But some
applications (like dupload/dput and lintian/linda) have such a simple and
clear purpose that it would be enouth if they would just work.

Kind regards



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