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Re: lintian & linda (was: Automatic testing of Debian packages)

On Mon, April 11, 2005 22:26, Emanuele Rocca said:
> Well some differences came out:

> - linda has proper l10n strings for most errors (in German)
> - different output formats
> - different test sets
> - linda is faster

So, linda is better than lintian? Faster and localized, that sound like
good benefits to me. I haven't heard anyone listing the benefits of
lintian over linda.

Why aren't we using linda then instead of lintian and merge any tests that
lintian has and linda doesn't into linda? That would give us all a better
tool, right?

These programs have a very limited scope; it's better compared with
creating www1.debian.org and www2.debian.org that both have different
content and features than comparing it with vi/emacs.


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