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Re: lintian & linda (was: Automatic testing of Debian packages)

Nico Golde wrote:
> There is another thing that I don't understand often. Why
> are there linda and lintian?
> In my opinion this makes things difficulter. Both have to
> coordinate themselves and keep their policy rules up to
> date.

Why are there Vi and Emacs?
Why are there Perl and Python?
Why are there viewcvs and cvsweb?
Why are there cvs-syncmail and cvs-mailcommit?
Why are there tkirc and xchat?
Why are there whois and gwhois?
Why are there dupload and dput?
Why are there KDE and GNOME?
Why are there icewm and windowmaker?
Why are there mailman, smartlist and ecartis?

Guess some people have preferences for either languages or other.

Additionally, competing projects often improve the development of
both projects.



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