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lintian & linda (was: Automatic testing of Debian packages)

Hallo Mads,

* Mads Lindstrøm <mads_lindstroem@yahoo.dk> [2005-04-08 14:08]:
> I am writing this email as I think there could be done more to
> automatically test Debian packages. This would improve quality, as
> discovering errors is the first step in correcting them. I am not a
> Debian maintainer, but have been using Debian for 4+ years. As I am not
> an insider, I am likely to overlook some relevant information and I
> would be happy if people will correct me.
> I have looked at the Debian homepage to investigate what kind of
> auto-testing are performed. I found the auto-builder network
> (http://www.nl.debian.org/devel/buildd/), Lintian

There is another thing that I don't understand often. Why
are there linda and lintian?
In my opinion this makes things difficulter. Both have to
coordinate themselves and keep their policy rules up to

The only difference I can see is that they are programmed in
different programming languages and minor things.

In my opinion it is not productive to have two tools for
internal debian use which provides pretty much the same

Why not merge this two projects?

Regards Nico
P.S. I mostly use lintian so if I have forgotten to mention
something please correct me.

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