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Re: Switchconf: Orphaning or removing?

Sorry... I got your mail the first time, I am sorry I could not reply
to it sooner.

Jose Manuel dos Santos Calhariz dijo [Wed, Mar 02, 2005 at 07:15:39PM +0000]:
> Yes, I care about it.  I use it on my laptop to have personalized
> configurations for the places I connect to the Internet.  For example
> besides interfaces, I have a sources.list optimized for the places I
> connect to the Internet, home and school.
> Now I have to install 60 PCs with Debian and there exist 3 different
> configurations of monitor, graphical display and mouse.  I was
> planning to use it to switch XF86Config-4 and gpm.conf between the
> optimized configurations.
> There exist any alternative?

Most of the use I had seen for switchconf was regarding network
detection - that can be perfectly handled through divine, laptop-net,
laptop-netconf or netapplet... Now, I know switchconf could do some
extra stuff (i.e., not be in any way tied to the network, work to
switch between arbitrary files in a desktop system)... However, the
script is too simplistic, can lead to strange problems, seems to have
been thought for laptop-specific use, and was never popular.

> What can I do to get it back into the Debian?
> PS: I am not a Debian Developer. 

Well... It could get back into Debian for sure, but there must be
somebody responsable for it. You can take the package, even not being
a DD, uploading it through a sponsor. You are, besides, the second
person who asked me about this, the first one was Martin Krafft
<madduck@debian.org>, who _is_ a DD... He might want to resurrect it
and take it over or sponsor your uploads.

I am sorry... When I decided to let it go, I gave some time expecting
nobody would complain about it - and you complained just a little bit
too late :-(

In the worst case, you can keep Switchconf as a locally generated
package, or set up your own internal apt repository for it and
whatever other packages you need. I really don't like it, it is too
dirty. I wanted to do a complete rewrite, but I never had time to do


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