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Re: Switchconf: Orphaning or removing?

also sprach Gunnar Wolf <gwolf@gwolf.org> [2005.03.08.0232 +0100]:
> Well... It could get back into Debian for sure, but there must be
> somebody responsable for it. You can take the package, even not being
> a DD, uploading it through a sponsor. You are, besides, the second
> person who asked me about this, the first one was Martin Krafft
> <madduck@debian.org>, who _is_ a DD... He might want to resurrect it
> and take it over or sponsor your uploads.

Yes; It is probably better if I don't spread my resources thinner
and take this package on as well, but I would be happy to work with
anyone wanting to maintain it.

I think switchconf is nice because it ties in well with guessnet,
and because it's lean and mean and does exactly what it should, no
more and no less.

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