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Re: Bug#298354: ITP: gtk2-engines-clearlooks -- An attractive gtkengine with a focus on usability.

David Moreno Garza dijo [Mon, Mar 07, 2005 at 09:57:27PM -0600]:
> > Please look at http://ftp-master.debian.org/new.html, it's already in
> > the NEW queue. And hey, Ross, what about an ITP of your own?
> What should Marco do then? He is learning how to make official Debian
> packages, he is following the procedure[1] suggested to people starting
> like him, and I've seen him over IRC working with the package for a
> couple of days. Wasn't the meaning of ITP reports to avoid
> double-efforts?
> And the ITP was sent more than 18 hours ago (as NEW states right now).
> I truly consider this a little bit rude and not respectful.

ITPs are meant to avoid duplicating efforts, yes... But you should not
consider this action as hostile - Ross didn't file an ITP, ok, but
Marc is advising Marco not to waste _his_ time duplicating Ross'
(unadvertised) work.

Marco is trying to start working on Debian, I don't think he _needs_
to package this specific gtk2 stuff. Marco: Just forget it, grab
another package. If possible, adopt an orphan package. Damog: This is
not CONSOL, people are not out to get you ;-)

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