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Re: apply to NM? ha!

Scripsit Helen Faulkner <helen_ml_faulkner@yahoo.co.uk>

> Based on comments made to me by a number of women who are interested
> in contributing more to Debian, the level of agressiveness on some of
> the mailing lists and IRC channels is a problem.

Hmm... after I started wasting time on #debian-devel I have been
struck by how much more friendly and easygoing it is that the mailing
list of the same name. That is despite the significant overlap between
the participant sets. I understand that some people have the opposite
assessment, which boggles my mind.

> I do not believe that being thick-skinned enough to cope with people
> who are very agressive or insulting should be a requirement for
> involvement in Debian.

I believe that it *should* be a requirement that one has enough calm
to most of the time respond to (percieved or actual) aggression and
insults in a less aggressive and insulting way than the other party
uses. Otherwise the project will surely die (film at 11!) from runaway
flamewar escalation.

If you want to describe that as "thick-skinned enough to cope" (which,
based on my understanding of English, would not be a bad description),
then yes, somebody involved in Debian *should* be thick-skinned
enough to cope.

> Shouldn't we be more interested in someone's technical skills, and
> their ability to work well with others?

I'm lost here. It seems that you are arguing that you *don't* want
"ability to work well with others" (which in my book includes enough
thick-skinnedness not to escalate flamewars) to count?

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