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Re: apply to NM? ha!

Brett Parker dijo [Mon, Jan 24, 2005 at 10:38:23AM +0000]:
> > and don't bother replying, i've unsubbed from this list. get on with
> > your lives and ignore this if you can't/won't deal with it - i don't
> > want to deal with people that will waste my time for their petty little
> > politics.
> Please please *PLEASE* tell me that people like this get through NM... I
> don't think I could cope with it. Looking at the IRC log, I'm not
> entirely sure what the problem is.

I don't know (and don't want to, don't point me to it ;-) ) who
advocated a person with such a delicate skin to enter NM. I mean, NM
is for people who are _already_ somewhat involved in Debian... And if
a little aggressivity puts you off that badly, then...


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