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Re: apply to NM? ha!

Henning Makholm writes:
> I believe that it *should* be a requirement that one has enough calm to
> most of the time respond to (percieved or actual) aggression and insults
> in a less aggressive and insulting way than the other party
> uses. Otherwise the project will surely die (film at 11!) from runaway
> flamewar escalation.

> If you want to describe that as "thick-skinned enough to cope" (which,
> based on my understanding of English, would not be a bad description),
> then yes, somebody involved in Debian *should* be thick-skinned enough to
> cope.

"Thin-skinned" people often react to hostility by simply going away.
Often, they do so even when the hostility was not directed at them.
John Hasler

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