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Re: Proper way to remove a package from both sarge and sid

Santiago Vila wrote:

On Wed, 12 Jan 2005, Frank Küster wrote:

Then this is a release critical bug in the newer package, ..da-dk. You
should file this bug and prevent the buggy version from entering
sarge. It is not sufficient to remove your old package from the archive,
because user will still have installed it and get in trouble. Instead, a
new revision of the ..da-dk package must be uploaded that has proper

Instead of that, I would upload a new version of mozilla-firefox-locale-da
which is empty and has a Depends: mozilla-firefox-locale-da-dk, i.e.
a dummy package. Put in section oldlibs and then deborphan
will tell you that you can remove it safely.

Then no conflict would be needed (well, a versioned one perhaps),
and there would not be so much hurry in removing the package, as you
will be helping users of the old package to install the new one.
No, it would not be enough. Some people can try to install the new -da-dk package with your old -da package already present. Even if people upgrade your package at the same time, there is no evidence that dpkg will upgrade the -da package before installing the -da-dk package. A conflict/replace on -da in the new -da-dk package is the (only ?) good thing to do

Your dummy package is only useful to force users to switch to the new -da-dk package on upgrade. In this case, the conflict/replace in -da-dk should be versionned.


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