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Re: Proper way to remove a package from both sarge and sid

On Thu, 13 Jan 2005, Vincent Danjean wrote:

> Santiago Vila wrote:
> > Instead of that, I would upload a new version of mozilla-firefox-locale-da
> > which is empty and has a Depends: mozilla-firefox-locale-da-dk, i.e.
> > a dummy package. Put in section oldlibs and then deborphan
> > will tell you that you can remove it safely.
> > 
> > Then no conflict would be needed (well, a versioned one perhaps),
> > and there would not be so much hurry in removing the package, as you
> > will be helping users of the old package to install the new one.
> No, it would not be enough. Some people can try to install the new
> -da-dk package with your old -da package already present. Even if
> people upgrade your package at the same time, there is no evidence
> that dpkg will upgrade the -da package before installing the -da-dk
> package.  A conflict/replace on -da in the new -da-dk package is the
> (only ?) good thing to do

I agree that the new -da-dk package needs a versioned Replaces on all
the non-dummy versions of -da (that's why I said "a versioned one perhaps")
but there is not an absolute need to conflict with it.

> Your dummy package is only useful to force users to switch to the
> new -da-dk package on upgrade. In this case, the conflict/replace in
> -da-dk should be versionned.

No, if a dummy package exists then there should not be a Conflicts, only
a Replaces. The upgrade will be smoother if deborphan and section: oldlibs
takes care of removing the old -da package.

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