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Re: Proper way to remove a package from both sarge and sid

On Tuesday 11 January 2005 20:29, Frederik Dannemare wrote:
> Hi,
> how should I properly approach the removal of a package which I
> maintain?
> Package in question is mozilla-firefox-locale-da which is to be
> replaced by mozilla-firefox-locale-da-dk (not maintained by me) from
> source package mozilla-firefox-locale-all.
> Unfortunetaly, mozilla-firefox-locale-da and
> mozilla-firefox-locale-da-dk don't conflict, so users trying to
> install both will face trouble.
[ snip ]

What I meant to say here was, of course, that the packages do indeed 
conflict/collide - it's just that they don't have a Conflicts i their 
control file. Just wanted to make that clear... :) 
Anyhow, <http://bugs.debian.org/290008> has been filed.
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