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Re: Proper way to remove a package from both sarge and sid

Frederik Dannemare <frederik@dannemare.net> wrote:

> On Tuesday 11 January 2005 20:29, Frederik Dannemare wrote:
>> Package in question is mozilla-firefox-locale-da which is to be
>> replaced by mozilla-firefox-locale-da-dk (not maintained by me) from
>> source package mozilla-firefox-locale-all.
>> Unfortunetaly, mozilla-firefox-locale-da and
>> mozilla-firefox-locale-da-dk don't conflict, so users trying to
>> install both will face trouble.
> [ snip ]
> What I meant to say here was, of course, that the packages do indeed 
> conflict/collide - it's just that they don't have a Conflicts i their 
> control file. Just wanted to make that clear... :) 

Then this is a release critical bug in the newer package, ..da-dk. You
should file this bug and prevent the buggy version from entering
sarge. It is not sufficient to remove your old package from the archive,
because user will still have installed it and get in trouble. Instead, a
new revision of the ..da-dk package must be uploaded that has proper

Will you file the bug?

Regards, Frank
Frank Küster
Inst. f. Biochemie der Univ. Zürich
Debian Developer

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