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Re: Is debhelper build-essential?

#include <hallo.h>
* Joerg Jaspert [Thu, Jan 13 2005, 08:29:19AM]:

> I think it should be b-e, but with a versioned dep thats high enough to
> get all those versioned dependencies away that are already existing.
> As we try sarge, a version-dep >= {sarge-version} is suggested.
> (Not that all packages are really updated for that before sarge, but
> lets get b-e with such a thing in sarge IMO).

ACK, debhelper should be in b-e for Sarge if we wish to handle it like
other packages in build-essential nowadays.

For regular Sid environment it would change nothing/not much, as Scott
has already pointed out. For backporters, it will make some difference
but since the implicite rule "install at least build-essential package
from Stable" applies, it would become acceptable to remove debhelper
from Build-Depends entries after Sarge has been released.

"Professional" backporters know what to do anyway.

For any stupid thing chosen at random, you'll find at least 5 people on
the Internet who thinks it's a good idea. -- Steve Langasek in debian-devel

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