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Re: rudeness in general

* Petter Reinholdtsen 

| [Steve Greenland]
| > Guess what? This is not a paid support forum, or a commercial
| > organization. This is a *community*. Communities have cultures,
| > traditions, in-jokes, etc. You can either choose to be part of that
| > community, and learn to be part of the culture, or you can go join a
| > different community.
| Being part of a community or not being paid is not a valid excuse for
| being rude to others.  I happen to be part of this community too, and
| I do not treasure being rude as a positive side of the debian
| community.

The question is what's considered rude.  What's not rude on
debian-devel might be considered rude in other fora and vice versa.
Read The Fine Manual (with a reference to what manual, unless it's
self-evident) is not something I consider rude on debian-devel, while
I would find it rude if I got that answer from a helpdesk I called and
whose job was to help me.

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