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Re: rudeness in general

Op ma, 10-01-2005 te 06:39 -0500, schreef David Mandelberg:
> You shouldn't say 'RTFM' though, 'this is already documented here: <...>, why
> don't you try reading that first?' might work better.

Why don't you guys go to psychology class before telling people not to
be 'rude'?

It's impossible not to be rude on written media. What's a harmless joke
to one is an insult to another, and an attack to one's personality to a
third one. You can't expect everyone to be happy with everything you
might possibly write.

'RTFM' means "Go read the documentation, that's what it's for". I
personally find it far more rude to go on a mailing list, ask for the
obvious, and expect a bunch of volunteers to come up with an answer
that's been answered in great detail in the documentation, than to be
sent back with an 'RTFM' as answer to that question.

If people disagree, that's their problem.

In any case, I strongly disagree with the stance that the rudeness of a
particular developer would reflect on Debian as a whole. Sure, people
who think they've been handled unfairly aren't going to talk positively
about Debian; but that happens to any organization, commercial or
voluntarily-based. That doesn't mean one rude developer will label
Debian as a rude organization...

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