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rudeness in changelogs

Andrew Suffield wrote:
>    * New upstream release (closes: #270944, #277543). It's less than two
>      weeks since this was released; may you contract an interesting
>      venereal disease.

Is this really called for in changelogs? Note that the bug reports were
perfectly polite.

Here's another recent one:

Anselm Lingnau wrote:
>  * In particular, the DJB security bugs are now fixed (closes: #287050).
>  * Fixed another very similar bug five lines above the other ones. Looks
>    as if DJB's students aren't as hot as all that, after all ...

Imagining myself as a student in this class: I complete the requested
assignment, with luck make an A, only to have the prof post it to the
internet and then be insulted by perfect strangers as they use my work
to fix their problems.

see shy jo

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