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Re: rudeness in general

On Mon, Jan 10, 2005 at 07:58:46AM +1100, Sam Watkins wrote:
> We could even go a little further and try to avoid rudeness on the
> mailing lists.  I recently reviewed some of the conversations with RMS
> on debian-legal regarding the GFDL.  Several people were rude and
> uncivil to RMS, even sarcastic and abusive.  Such rudeness is sabotage,
> we should not tolerate it.  RMS was not rude to anyone in that
> discussion, even when they richly deserved it.

I found RMS to be extremely rude and dismissive in the GFDL discussions.  (His
outright refusal to comminicate with Branden Robinson comes to mind.)  Tolerating
that without being rude is admirable--knowing my own limits, I had to stop reading
his posts at times, to avoid it--but within some limits (which, to be sure, were
probably exceeded in parts of that discussion--probably the "sarcastic and abusive"
above), I just can't bring myself to condemn those who we are unwilling to ignore
it completely.

Glenn Maynard

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