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Re: rudeness in general

[Tollef Fog Heen]
> The question is what's considered rude.  What's not rude on
> debian-devel might be considered rude in other fora and vice versa.

That might be your question, but it isn't mine.  :) Calling someone a
dickhead is rude in most fora.  I suspect most of us know when we are
trying to be rude, and when we are trying to ridicule others.  And if
we don't, we should learn it by being told that our behavoiur isn't
appreaciated by others.

I do not believe a discussion on the exact position of the line
between rude and non-rude statement is very interesting.  A more
interesting discussion for me is how this community should behave when
people are way over that line.  :)

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