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Re: rudeness in general

Wouter Verhelst wrote:

lemma A:
If people disagree, that's their problem.

lemma B:
In any case, I strongly disagree with the stance that the rudeness of a
particular developer would reflect on Debian as a whole.

lemma C: That's your problem
  from B have "You disagree" by simp
  with A show ?thesis by simp

In particular, if you're not willing to help other people with their problem (that they think "RTFM" is rude, eg), then you should expect anyone else to help you with your problem (that people experience rudeness from one developer, and conclude Debian's rude in general).

We're meant to be working together to create an operating system, dismissing complaints with "that's your problem" doesn't help with that.

If you don't want to help solve a problem, that's fine: just don't. But "Well, that's your problems." goes further, potentially to the point of stopping the problem from being solved at all.

(OTOH, there are other ways of resolving "RTFM is rude!" than never saying "RTFM" again.)

a "theorem D: Isabelle is cool" j

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