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Re: ok, i screwed up

Santiago Vila <sanvila@unex.es> writes:

> I would reupload the old library ASAP using a version number higher
> than the current version in unstable, but in Section: oldlibs and
> without the -dev package.
> Then packages needing the new -dev package should definitely have to
> wait for the new library to exist in unstable. Including the library
> version in the -dev package name might help as well. It would force
> new uploads to change the Build-Depends.

Actually, since the new version is a new API, we should keep both
around because there are now users of both.  

I've created libofx0 and libofx1 which are the old and new versions,
and ask the ftp-masters to drop the old package entirely.  I'll
request the other user of libofx to adapt accordingly.


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