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Re: ok, i screwed up

On Mon, 10 Jan 2005, Thomas Bushnell BSG wrote:

> So I uploaded a new version of libofx.  The problem is that the new
> version bumped the soname, and I forgot to change the binary package
> name to suit.
> Then after I received a bug report alerting me to the error, I fixed
> the package itself to have a correct package name.  The corrected
> package is now waiting for the ftp masters to add it to the override
> file.
> But there is also the binary package hanging around from the original
> mistaken upload.  It collides with the new package, of course, because
> both install the new library (under the new library name), and that's
> a problem for the existing users of the old library, of course.  
> What I *want* to have happen is for the clock to be reversed, but
> that's not possible.  :)  So what is the correct way for me to fix my
> mess, so that the old library version continues to be there, and the
> new version can show up as well?

I would reupload the old library ASAP using a version number higher
than the current version in unstable, but in Section: oldlibs and
without the -dev package.

Then packages needing the new -dev package should definitely have to
wait for the new library to exist in unstable. Including the library
version in the -dev package name might help as well. It would force
new uploads to change the Build-Depends.

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