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ok, i screwed up

So I uploaded a new version of libofx.  The problem is that the new
version bumped the soname, and I forgot to change the binary package
name to suit.

Then after I received a bug report alerting me to the error, I fixed
the package itself to have a correct package name.  The corrected
package is now waiting for the ftp masters to add it to the override

But there is also the binary package hanging around from the original
mistaken upload.  It collides with the new package, of course, because
both install the new library (under the new library name), and that's
a problem for the existing users of the old library, of course.  

What I *want* to have happen is for the clock to be reversed, but
that's not possible.  :)  So what is the correct way for me to fix my
mess, so that the old library version continues to be there, and the
new version can show up as well?


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