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Re: LCC and blobs

On Dec 09, Bruce Perens <bruce@perens.com> wrote:

> The whole system has to be DFSG-free. Debian won't compromise on that.
Which DFSG? The original one or the "clarified" one?

> I have been thinking about the blob problem for a while. I propose to 
> remove blobs from the driver, and store them as files in  initramfs (the 
> kernel-internal filesystem created by the stuff in /usr/src/linux*/usr) 
> or initrd.img. At boot time, the drivers would look for the blobs and 
You may want to take a look at debian-legal, because some people there
think that even free drivers for hardware devices which need an
externally loaded firmware are not acceptable for main.

> load them if they are present, and fail gracefully or fall back if they 
> are not. This gets around some GPL issues, because rather than be 
There are no GPL issues for other distributions, nor for almost every
kernel developers and I understand neither for the FSF.
So you'd first have to persuade everybody else that the kernel is
violating the GPL.

> An alternative is to make blobs their own loadable modules, but then we 
> are treating them as code rather than as just a file that the kernel 
> sends to some device, and we get GPL issues.
Encapsulating some data in an ELF object does not magically make it

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