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Re: Linux Core Consortium

On Wed, 15 Dec 2004 11:21:02 -0800, Michael K Edwards <m.k.edwards@gmail.com> said: 

>> Bruce Well, please don't tell this to all of the people who we are
>> attempting to get to use Linux as the core of their products.

> "core" (software architecture) != "core" (customer value).

>> Also, please make sure to tell the upstream maintainers that we
>> aren't going to use their code any longer, because we have decided
>> that it's a bad idea to outsource the core of our product.

> Debian isn't a product, it's a project,

	So it is good that I did not say Debian, or the project, eh?
 Did you really read what I said?

	Debian, the project, produces an OS, which it releases, from
 time to time (often too long in between).  This OS, in the current
 form, has a core set of packages, built around the Linux kernel,
 though in the future the Hurd or the BSD style kernels may be
 substituted.  We are talking about outsourcing these core packages,
 which for the core of the product, the OS, that the Debian project

	I would have not expected to have to explain this on the
 -devel mailing list.

> and the core of the project isn't code, it's principles and
> processes.  Outsourcing the core of Debian would be delegating
> judgements about software freeness and integrity.

	You do a nice job tilting at paper tigers. Bravo!


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