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Linux Core Consortium

The Linux Core Consortium would like to have Debian's involvement. This organization has revived what I originally proposed to do as the LSB - to make a binary base for Linux distributions that could be among several distributions who would share in the effort of maintaining certain packages. Ian Murdock, the creator of Debian, is one of the leaders of the effort.

I think there are several important reasons for us to be involved. The first is that we should be influencing this group to do things the Debian way, where that is important. The second is that the group plans to lower the overhead of hardware and application vendor certification for all of its participants, and we could really use that sort of support. The third is that the group would make certification by LSB and other standards bodies easier for all of the participants.

What changes would be necessary for Debian? The group can really be viewed as a sort of upstream maintainer for a number of packages, so it fits pretty well in the context that we're used to in working with the sources of our software. LCC will be working with the people who currently are the upstream maintainers for those packages, so we would probably see LCC changes to lots of packages whether we want them or not. Better to have influence on them while they are happening.

The main technical effect that I see would be that the names of some dynamic libraries would change. And compatibility with the old names could be maintained indefinitely if necessary.

I would not suggest that Debian commit to using LCC packages at this time. We should participate for a while and see how many changes we'd have to make and whether the project works for us. But I think we should be at the table and in a position to influence the project. The other members are willing to have us on those terms.



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