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Re: Frank Carmickle and Marco Paganini must die

On Sun, Sep 26, 2004 at 08:38:26PM +0200, Sven Mueller wrote:
> Thomas Bushnell BSG [u] wrote on 24/09/2004 18:31:
> >Adam McKenna <adam@flounder.net> writes:
> >>There are many ways for one to determine whether an IP address is 
> >>dynamically
> >>or statically assigned.  If you want to know more, do some research.  Read
> >>NANOG-L or inet-access-L.  It's all outside the scope of this list.
> >
> >Geez, you keep saying this.  Surely if there are many ways you could
> >give me just one?  I really do know, I really have done the research;
> >I've been using and programming IP for twenty years.  So this is, from
> >an expect, a put-up-or-shut-up demand.  If you know a single reliable
> >method, say it now.
> In case anybody else would wonder:
> Adam did _not_ mean anything like actual remote detection of wether an 
> IP address was assigned by DHCP, but rather those DUL-(black)lists 
> and/or certain name parts in the address's PTR record.

I never claimed that a person could do it with 100% accuracy, nor that a
program could do it.  I also did *not* claim that using a DUL is one of the 
ways I was speaking of, either.  Unless you're a complete fuckwit and didn't
read Marco d'Itri's posts, you would already know this.

> Really, very smart (not) of him not to rectify this misunderstanding 
> here on the list.

I don't remember asking you to post anything to this list on my behalf.  I
consider this to be extremely rude.  Please don't contact me again.


Adam McKenna  <adam@debian.org>  <adam@flounder.net>

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