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Re: Incorrect use of "it's" in package control files -- file mass bug?

(some serious things at the end of this mail)

> The irony here, of course, is that these are the very same Europeans
> who insist rigidly on a distinction between Europe and Asia!  Try
> telling a Frenchman that his "continent" is really just a large
> peninsula on the continent of Asia...!

Why the f.... are we always taken as example of such narrow-minded
nationalism ? :-). On that subject, I'm pretty sure the same is shared
by our italian, german, dutch friends, and even the small island
inside Europe some call Switzerland...

Going that way, just try telling a Brit that he belongs to Europe..:)

More seriously, these days, the most important thing for european
people is probably being part of the European Community or not. *this*
is what really influences their/our daily lives (whether we like this
or not, by the way...).

About this interesting, and completely off-topic, debate about how
many Americas exist, I'm not sure that a final conclusion
may be reached. Historically, some have teached there are 2 Americas, some
others that there are 3....as the definition of a continent is quite
vague, the debate can last for ages without a strong conclusion....

My opinion is that, if people from "Central America" feel they are not
in North America neither in South America, then there are 3

By the way, in Debian, there are 3 Americas plus Caribbean....this is
the choice which was made for sorting countries in countrychooser, the
package prompting for your country in Debian Installer. And now, I
just realize that we put Mexico...in North America..:-)

(North America in D-I includes Canada, USA, Puerto Rico, Saint-Pierre
et Miquelon....and Mexico)

People from Mexico, do you think this is worth a change? I'm afraid
noone noticed because this only shows when choosing "Other" at
the first country prompt.

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