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Re: debian culture

On Tue, Aug 03, 2004 at 12:29:10AM +0200, Andreas Schuldei wrote:
> * Thomas Maurer (tma@hispeed.ch) [040802 23:57]:
> > Appeal to the common sense. Using his own sense is a condition for
> > living together in a liberal community. I guess we don't want a
> > dictatorial hierarchy, don't we?
> and we dont want anarchy 
>   anarchy
>        n : a state of lawlessness and disorder (usually resulting from
>            a failure of government) [syn: {lawlessness}]
> either. there everyone has her own agenda and does what ever she
> sees fit. that results in confusion, corruption, loss of vision
> and selfishness.

When I was a teenager, I read a comic book by Alan Moore called "V For 
Vendetta", which was one of those moody 80s comic books like Watchmen or 
Hellraiser, and was all about the rise of a Nationalist Socialist party 
in Britain in the late 90s (hah!) as the result of a limited nuclear war 
-- the general air was of Thatcherism.

Anyway, V, the Hero, said, as the party was falling apart and there were 
riots, something like:

"This isn't the land of Do-As-You-Please [1], Evey.  This is the land of 
take-what-you-want.  The true age of Ordung [2], or voluntary order,
won't begin until this madness of Verhwerrhung [3] has passed.  This 
isn't anarchy.  This is chaos."

I know a lot of people here take this as a pet issue, but his point was 
"anarchy" is functionally identical to "government" -- i.e., the trains 
run on time and nobody bashes each others head in -- but it is purely 
voluntary and self-monitored, with no leaders.  Chaos is the absence of 
order.  Anarchy is voluntary order without leaders.

Like all Alan Moore stuff, very heavy.  Now please don't get all 
philosophically on us, ladies.

[1] They'd been reading Lewis Carrol, "Through The Looking Glass"
[2] German
[3] German, misspelled

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