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Re: debian culture

Am Mon, den 02.08.2004 schrieb Joachim Breitner um 23:21:
> Hi,
> Am Mo, den 02.08.2004 schrieb Thomas Maurer um 13:02:
> > My advice to everyone: Just don't participate in flamewars. Try to be
> > and stay productive and helpful for this project!
> Problem is: where ends the discussion and starts the flamewar? Because
> in my opinion, productive discussions where a lot of diverse opitinos
> are expressed are very important in a community project like Debian. We
> don't need less discussion, what we need are better (shorter, more to
> the point, less personal, more productive) discussion.


> But don't ask me how to achieve that...

Appeal to the common sense. Using his own sense is a condition for
living together in a liberal community. I guess we don't want a
dictatorial hierarchy, don't we?


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