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Re: debian culture

* Thomas Maurer (tma@hispeed.ch) [040802 23:57]:
> Appeal to the common sense. Using his own sense is a condition for
> living together in a liberal community. I guess we don't want a
> dictatorial hierarchy, don't we?

and we dont want anarchy 

       n : a state of lawlessness and disorder (usually resulting from
           a failure of government) [syn: {lawlessness}]

either. there everyone has her own agenda and does what ever she
sees fit. that results in confusion, corruption, loss of vision
and selfishness.

we need leadership and common goals (e.g. release in september)
and common vision (together build the best freest distro there
is). leadership`s rolle is to inspire, motivate and cast this

And now we will hear what cynical demotivational remark andrew
suffield has to share about this.

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