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Re: Spam in the lists out of control

* Carlos Perelló Marín:

> Here in Spain some people does SPAM from ADSL connections and thus
> from time to time one of those black lists add ALL ADSL connections
> to the list and we cannot send mail to some places from our own mail
> server (some ADSL connections have static IP address and our ISP
> lets us setup our own MTA if we want).

Well, switch to a decent ISP that (a) doesn't mark ADSL space as
obviously as your current one and (b) is less lenient on spam.
Alternatively, you could route mail over your ISP's mail relay.

There is no reason to accept mail from mass-market ADSL subscribers.

Current mail filters: many dial-up/DSL/cable modem hosts, and the
following domains: atlas.cz, bigpond.com, di-ve.com, hotmail.com,
jumpy.it, libero.it, netscape.net, postino.it, simplesnet.pt,
tiscali.co.uk, tiscali.cz, tiscali.it, voila.fr, yahoo.com.

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