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Re: Definition of COUNTRY

Quoting Darren Salt (linux@youmustbejoking.demon.co.uk):

> *Which* British accent? There are so many... :-)

Oxford College accent. All other British accents are worse to
understand for me..while Oxfort accent is only hard...:-)

> > More seriously, a complete proofreading of the English templates is highly
> > welcomed... but quickly, please, and with coordination with the translation
> > coordinator, ie myself (for making our possible to avoid fuzzying too much
> > translations when only cosmetic changes are done to English templates.
> I may have a read through the templates of packages which I have installed
> here (note: mostly testing); if I see any specific problems, what would be
> the best way to report them? Wishlist or minor bug, with Cc: to you?

Normal bug. Against the package if you know it (but you most often
need to be in the d-i team for knowing which package is involved at
some point)....or against debian-installer.

No need for CC'ing me (but that doesn't harm). However, putting [l10n]
in the bug subject will help.

I you have some time and courage, you may review the POT files which
contain all English texts at:


> ddtp.debian.org is presently content-free ;-\

It's broken since the November 2003 compromission. If you want to
start some "translation" effort for Debian Installer, start by
http://people.debian.org/~seppy/d-i/translation-status.html which has
documentation pointers and so on...

Other translaiton teams working on debcon templates translations use
some other pages for getting their material. Ask for pointers if you
want them.

Will I soon add "British English" to the list of supported
languages. Or maybe "Cockney slang" (which would be fun anyway...but
there's no ISO-639 code for this language)?

Finally, may I point you to the debian-l10n-english which should be
given by us developers more importance in getting all English
outputted by Debian reviewed (some packages templates definitely need this!)

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