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Re: Definition of COUNTRY (Was: Resignation)

Christian Perrier wrote:
Please please please have a real look on how Debian Installer works
before throwing ideas in the wild, if possible.

The above case is perfectly dealt with by d-i. English speaking
Canadians will choose "English (other countries)" at first screen,
then "Canada" at second screen (which will then list all countries for
which a valid en_XX locale exists). French-speaking Canadians will
choose "French (Canada)" at first screen and will indeed never see the
second screen.

Same for Dutch/French/German speaking people in Belgium,
German/French/Italian speaking people in Switzerland and so on.....

Okay, but in all these steps, what is actually done by localechooser and by countrychooser ? I read the thread (well, I must say I didn't read ALL the thread...) but I still can't figure out which is which and what it does. Also note that it's been a while I last installed a Debian, so... Final question: is all that about choosing a language (for locale) or choosing a location (place) (for timezone or whatever else) ?


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