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Re: Definition of COUNTRY

Quoting Darren Salt (linux@youmustbejoking.demon.co.uk):

> Were I for some reason to choose 'Other', would the installer pick British
> spelling or American spelling, or would it let me choose?

There's only one English "translation" for Debian Installer. The
templates have been written by the people who first wrote the
different packages.

In November/December 2003, I started an effort for putting more
consistency among the English templates and of course, these were
reviewed by several English native speakers (thankfully...:-)))

After this effort, each new template has been immediately arranged for
"good English" after its first appearance.

These reviewers were mostly from USA (Joey Hess, Steve Langasek,
Joshua Kwan, Matt Kraai and other I apoligize to) but I guess they
made their best for avoiding too US spelling or wording (Colin Watson
was around....).

I don't promise that some Z's replacing S's as well as other
americanisms are not there, however.

Anyway, everyone is entitled to write some en_GB.po (or en_AU for
those Bruces around) files the same way other "translators" work, for
sure. The only thing missing will be the British "accent" when reading
the templates..:-)

More seriously, a complete proofreading of the English templates is
highly welcomed...but quickly, please, and with coordination with the
translation coordinator, ie myself (for making our possible to avoid
fuzzying too much translations when only cosmetic changes are done to
English templates.

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