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Re: Re: "Social Contract GR's Affect on sarge" or "Debian commits suicide"

AJ> Or, wait, was that an attempt to contribute to the conversation, or just
AJ> an excuse to insult me?

That was an attempt to say that people shouldn't be thrown out of Debian
just because they routinely spout invectives.  If cannot infer whether
or not you feel insulted to be characterized as such.

JB> You really don't get it, do you?  RMs don't grow on trees.  If you drive AJ 
JB> away with continued insults, how the hell do you think you'll get a
JB> release out? 

Ah, senility has taken hold.  I had forgotten that Anthony Towns is the
only Release Manager that Debian has ever had.

JB> When I talk about incivility, I'm not talking about expressing strong 
JB> opinions.  I'm talking about turning everything into personal insults.
JB> AJ has bent over backwards to do the reverse, trying to steer
JB> disagreements back to the subject at hand, while his opponents make
JB> subject lines like "Why Anthony Towns is Wrong".

I imagine that AJ has a thicker skin than you think he does.
Furthermore, it is ludicrous to try and mandate sycophancy toward a DPL
delegate, regardless of whether or not that delegate makes such claims as
that bugs that were release-critical because they violated the old Social
Contract can no longer be ignored because of the new Social Contract.

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