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Re: more evil firmwares found

Tollef Fog Heen wrote:

> * Nathanael Nerode
> | May I repeat that I have two fairly new computers in this house which do
> | not require non-free "firmware" downloads?
> Please, single sampling point is useless when it comes to statistics.
> So running about claiming that you don't need it, well, it doesn't say
> anything about whether our users will need it or not.
Well, it shows that at least one of your users will not need it. :-P

> | "Debian will Remain 100% Free Software".  Article *1* of the Social
> | Contract, which comes *first*.  Also, "Our Priorities are Our Users *and
> | Free Software*".  Distributing non-free software in main may help some
> | users -- I think most people will agree that it does *not* help the
> | cause of Free Software.
> Not everybody agrees that it's software.
Go look up the original definition of software.  Furthermore, debian-legal
checked that that was what Bruce Perens meant when he wrote it.

The fact that some people haven't yet figured out what "software" means in
the Social Contract does not change its meaning.  However, Andrew
Suffield's editorial amendment proposal will remove the contentious word
"software", without changing the meaning.  Consider voting for it.  Or
provide an alternative amendment which changes the Social Contract to say
what you *want* it to mean.

> | Or maybe you just want to ignore or misinterpret the sentence
> | "Debian will remain 100% Free Software".  That means "nothing but Free
> | Software", by the way.
> : tfheen@yiwaz ~ > apt-cache show bible-kjv-text | grep -E
> : 'Section|Description'
> Section: doc
> Description: King James Version of the Bible - text and concordance
> I didn't think the Bible was software, but that might just be me.
When in the form of a bunch of bits it is software (according to the
traditional definition of software).  A printed copy of the Bible with gilt
edges wouldn't be; it would be hardware.

> Main isn't just software.
If so, then Debian is violating the Social Contract; and so youshould either
amend its first line (to say, perhaps "All programs in Debian will remain
free software"), or remove a great deal of stuff from main.  Volunteering
for either task?

> (Sorry to reawake this thread.)
Gah.  We need a FAQ on the meaning of "software".  It's getting rather
irritating to have to explain it more often than weekly.  Apologies for my
irritated tone, anyway.

There are none so blind as those who will not see.

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